The Christian Nurture Project

in the Wesleyan Methodist Tradition

What the world needs are people who are not afraid to be loving and to stand against the forces that cause injustice and violence.

What makes the difference in whether or not the children, youth and adults in your local church come to live and serve as those kind of people?

Christian Nurture may be the difference...

Going beyond Christian Education to Nurture.

         Taking seriously what God is doing within the person and us.

              Nurturing an inner change that yields outward love.

                   Concerned with a person’s growth across the life span.

                         Involving the home as a key arena of nurture.

                                 Not a “plug-in” but a powerful approach to enriching what you are now doing.

at further details about this approach and contact us if you are interested in exploring how Christian Nurture might enrich your local church's ministry.