The Christian Nurture Project
In this section will be resources that have been developed to support the ministry of Christian Nurture.


Writings by various persons about the task of Christian nurture.

Bill Mauldin (Read)


Beyond Christian Education: The" Future of Nurturing Disciples in the Local Church

Written by R. Ben Marshall,this is the work on which the Christian Nuture Project is based. It is avaliable in paper back or eBook from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Living the Faith with Young Chlidren

This book, written by Karan Marshall, was produced and copywrited by the United Methodist Church Graded Press in 1978. The pictures may be outdated, but its content is timeless and up to date theogically and psychologically. Karan is a Early Education/Young Chlidhood specialist and is stlil involved in teaching young chlidren in the church and training workers with young chlidren.

Each chapter is a pdf flie. Just click on the Chapter desired. When you have finished with a chapter you can return to this website by clicking on the back arrow in the browser window.